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PictureJohn C. Whitbeck, Jr.
Mr. Whitbeck is a graduate of Occidental College in Los Angeles with an A.B. in Politics and graduated cum laude from George Mason University Law School. He is a professor of mental illness law at George Mason and is the Director of the George Mason Law and Mental Illness Clinic. Mr. Whitbeck is a former Substitute Judge and Special Justice and is a partner in the law firm Whitbeck Cisneros McElroy, P.C.

PictureKristin Quirk
Ms. Quirk is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA where she earned a B.S. in Psychology. She graduated from Rutgers University School of Law.    She is a Family Advocate at The Mental Health Law Group where her practice focuses primarily on education and special education matters. Ms. Quirk is the mother of a special needs child and is experienced in the legal issues surrounding special education on both a personal and professional level. Ms. Quirk worked as an employment and labor law attorney for several years in New Jersey and is currently an associate attorney for Whitbeck Cisneros McElroy, PC .