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Our Mission

The Mental Health Law Group, PLC  is a law firm dedicated to representing adults and children in cases that involve mental illness. Our attorneys focus their practices on multiple areas of law and our mission is to assist both mentally ill individuals and the people who care about them and their legal needs. We also represent mental health professionals and mental health practices in both litigation and in transactional matters. In short, we are a full service law firm dedicated to the practice of law where it involves mental illness and those who treat the mentally ill.


Mental illness permeates nearly every area of the law, including education law, criminal law, family law, commitment of mentally ill individuals, guardianships and conservatorships for incapacitated adults and much more. In civil cases, our attorneys represent individuals who are suffering from a mental illness, individuals who are seeking to help the mentally ill and individuals dealing with an opposing party who is mentally ill.  In the area of criminal law, our attorneys represent individuals who suffer from a mental illness and have been charged with commission of a crime. The Mental Health Law Group also provides guidance to families dealing with mental health crises and can assist individuals in developing strategies for obtaining treatment for the mentally ill.


The Mental Health Law Group, PLC provides legal representation in any matter where the mental condition of one or both of the parties is a prominent issue, including:

  • Civil commitment of mentally ill individuals
  • Proceedings to compel medical treatment
  • Appointment of a guardian or conservator to represent the interests of a mentally ill individual
  • Divorce, child custody and all other family law matters involving mental illness
  • Education law matters involving children with developmental disabilities or other mental health issues (both litigation and administrative matters)
  • Contesting wills and other estate documents where the mental condition of an individual is at issue
  • Disability and employment cases involving mentally ill individuals
  • Criminal cases involving mental illness issues

The Mental Health Law Group, PLC also represents mental health professionals and their practices in litigation and transactional matters.

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The Mental Health Law Group represents clients throughout Northern Virginia, Alexandria, and Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, Clarke, Frederick and Arlington counties.

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